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This website serves a double purpose. To assist me in presenting some of my portfolio and to introduce a few discoveries and theories which might help my readers, whoever they are (software developers, writers, gamers, etc.). It’s not a Blog, even if it has WordPress behind it. I don’t like the idea of a Blog. It’s probably because (during the [... read more ...]

Mobile Shop Assistant Login

Mobile Shop Assistant Video Demo

In this 907 x 664 Video Demo, I will present the Mobile Shop Assistant, a Project I built in 2009-2010 for a Dutch customer. It presents the two Applications which make up the Project: a Client Application and a Server Application. The video’s duration is 7 minutes and 16 seconds. When you’re done with the video, feel free to go [... read more ...]

Desktop Shop Assistant Reports

Mobile Shop Assistant

Hours: ~700. Produced: 2009 – 2010. The Mobile Shop Assistant is one of the largest projects I ever built. I was contracted by a Dutch company which wanted to give its Web Shop Framework a great degree of interaction with actual physical locations (partner shops). I was fully responsible for the architecture and coding of both the Desktop platform and [... read more ...]

Screenshot of eTimeKeep Admin Tool Login

eTimeKeep Admin Video Demo

During this emotional HD quality (1000 x 977 of awesome pixels) video, I will present the Administration Side of my 2007-2008 creation, eTimeKeep. The video is 4 minutes and 45 seconds long, but people usually replay it hundreds of times because they love it so much. Or so I tell myself. When you’re done with the video, feel free to [... read more ...]

Screenshot of eTimeKeep User Presence 3D Chart

eTimeKeep Client Video Demo

Pump up the volume, grab the popcorn, call your friends, phone your family, ‘cos today… we got a new show in town! It’s a HD quality (1000 x 977 sexy pixels) video of my 2007-2008 creation, eTimeKeep. During the 9 minutes and 32 seconds, prepare for a wonderful story, emotion, empathy and unexpected plot twists! When you’re done with the [... read more ...]

Screenshot of The NeverFail Messenger Group Management Screen

NeverFail Messenger Video Demo

This is a nice, big, fat (1000 x 818) Video Demo of The NeverFail Messenger. It showcases all the important features of the program. In 4 minutes and 58 seconds, you’ll be taken on the tour of your life. Or, maybe not. But anyway, I hope you’ll like it. When you’re done with the video, feel free to go back [... read more ...]

Featured for eTimeKeep


Hours: ~600. Produced: 2007 – 2008. eTimeKeep is one of my largest personal projects. It’s an employee management application for small-to-medium companies. It features a people-friendly approach to project management, while in the same time offering a great degree of task progress supervision for managers. I built eTimeKeep for Wildcard Technologies, a company which I started with a partner and [... read more ...]

Featured for the NeverFail Messenger

The NeverFail Messenger

Hours: ~300. Produced: 2008. I was, am, and probably will be always DISGUSTED by all Instant Messaging solutions! Yahoo is horrible and full of bugs, Skype and Pidgin lack important features, Trillian is not free, MSN’s message delivery system is buggy, etc! So, as any good critic, I took my words and put them where my Visual Studio was! Continue [... read more ...]

Featured for the Wildcard Updater

The Wildcard Updater

Hours: ~60. Produced: 2008. I created the Wildcard Updater in 2008, for updating various applications I built for Wildcard Technologies, a company which I started with a partner and in which I had a 50% ownership stake. Even though we were working mostly at offshore projects, I dedicated a fair amount of time to in-house products. Two of those in-house [... read more ...]

Featured for Literata


Hours: ~30. Produced: 2010. Literata is a Vocabulary Analysis Tool. It is used to compare the vocabulary richness of two or more texts. I created it because I like writing; I see it as one of my biggest hobbies. And because I like writing, I begun work at my first book in 2010, during the NaNoWriMo literary marathon. Although I [... read more ...]

Specification Sample 6

The Rift Experiment

These are a few screenshots from the specifications of a game I dreamed up in January 2007, five years ago. I actually hoped I will develop the game with an indie budget, an EXTREMELY optimistic belief. But then again, 10 months later, somebody developed a game called Mass Effect^ ::- D. Heard of it? Well, if you would compare my [... read more ...]

Wildcard Technologies Logo

Wildcard Technologies

This was my first management experience, and one of the most inspiring periods of my life. During the two years the company existed, we completed several projects and participated at the CeBit and Systems international IT fairs. I learned invaluable lessons and witnessed the entire life cycle of a company, until the painful moment I had to say goodbye. I [... read more ...]